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The B.Sc. (Intercalated) Program in Medical Physiology was started 1986 with an interim approval of the Senate and has been graduating a small number of students since then. A general curriculum based on the British model has been used, but a detailed curriculum consistent with the 8-4-4 structure has never been prepared. It was therefore determined that the programme is overdue for review.

Inputs into the review process

The review has benefited from: (a) the University of Nairobi Guidelines on curriculum review and (b) the guidelines of the Commission for Higher Education on curriculum development. Stakeholder requirements

The proposed programme takes into account the following stakeholder needs and interests:

Employers: The current increase in the creation of new medical, dental and pharmacy schools and undergraduate nursing programs has revealed a large shortage of physiologists. A number of these institutions have approached the department on how to find qualified physiology teachers.

Students: There is a need to address the increasing demand by students for the one year intercalated Bachelors programme in physiology.

Academic/professional:  The graduates will be able to effectively fill junior academic positions in any Department of Medical Physiology before undertaking more advanced training. Moreover, the research training in the programme will be of value to the graduates in whatever activity they pursue after obtaining their professional degrees. This includes those who later choose to specialize in clinical disciplines.


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