AMSUN gets new leaders after competitive election

A students casts her vote during the elections that were held on 8th Octocer, 2019.

Amir Mumin is the new Chairman of the Association of Medical Students of the University of Nairobi (AMSUN) after he vied for the post unopposed in the elections that were held on 8th October, 2019.

Mutua Victor and  Nyakio Mburu are AMSUN’s 1st Vice Chair and 2nd Vice Chair respectively also having for the respective posts unopposed.

Haggai Emase trounced Albert C and Omondi Deya in the battle for Secretary General post. Emase garnered 935 votes, Omondi came second with 273, while Albert was third with 207 votes.

Ochieng Omondi won the treasurer post. He garnered 757 votes followed by Patrice Mwaura who got 566 votes and Idris Maimoon who got 90 votes.

Aswin Sultan garnered 911 votes to beat his lone opponent Mokaya Obllocha who got 463 in the race for the post of Organizing Secretary.

The Sport Secretary post was clinched by Diaby Gonda with 966 who was followed by Rabin Okiny who managed to get 399 votes.

The Editor General post went to Kamau Njonjo who garnered 763 votes ahead of Abbery James who came second with 544 votes while Phoebe Juma came third with 100 votes.

Lavender Faith clinched the Publicity Secretary post by getting 635 votes ahead of Harriet Kemunto who came second with 446 votes, followed by Wamuyu Kamau who got 340 votes.

Ibrahim Dahir takes over the office of External Affairs having garnered 575 votes, followed by Millicent Mburu with 500 votes and Murtara Latifali with 336 votes.

The newly elected officials will be in office for a term of one year.