Dr. Adhiambo Christine Publications
12015SKP2 Inactivation Suppresses Prostate Tumorigenesis By Mediating JARID1B Ubiquitination.
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22010Lack Of Fetuin-A (alpha2-HS-glycoprotein) Reduces Mammary Tumor Incidence And Prolongs Tumor Latency Via The Transforming Growth Factor-beta Signaling Pathway In A Mouse Model Of Breast Cancer.
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32009A Novel Function For The Atypical Small G Protein Rab-like 5 In The Assembly Of The Trypanosome Flagellum.
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42005The Two Cytoplasmic Dynein-2 Isoforms In Leishmania Mexicana Perform Separate Functions.
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51995Visceral Leishmaniasis In Vervet Monkeys: Immunological Responses During Asymptomatic Infections.
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