Dr. Teresa Mwendwa Kinyari Publications
12014Ochomo E.,Bayoh N.M.,Kamau L.,Atieli F.,Vulule J.,Ouma C.,Ombok M.,Njagi K.,Kinyari T.,Subramaniam K.,Kleinschmidt I.,Donnelly M.J.,Mbogo C.Pyrethroid Susceptibility Of Malaria Vectors In 4 Districts Of Western Kenya Parasites & Vectors 2014,7:310
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22006Harrison W.,Kinyari T.,Meier A.S., Brunham R., Nguti R.,Mugo N.,Cohen C.R. Risk Factors For Neisseria Gonorrhoeae In A Prospective Cohort Of Kenyan Female Sex Workers. The International Journal Of Infectious Diseases 2006 Volume 5 Number 2.
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32005Cohen C.,Koochesfahani K..,Meier A.,Shen C.,Karunakaran K.,Ondondo B.,Kinyari T.,Mugo N.,Nguti R., Brunham R. Immunoepidemiologic Profile Of C. Trachomatis Infection: Importance Of Hsp 60 And IFγ. JID 2005;192:591-599
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42005Kinyari T.N.,White E.,Sharma A.,Morris M.,Bukusi E.A.,Farquhar C.,Ngugi E.N.,Cohen C.R. The Relationship Between Sexual Partnerships Characteristics And Condom Use Among Young Female Sex Workers In Nairobi,Kenya 16th ISSTDR Congress,Netherlands 2005
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