Degree Regulations, Documents and Courses

Title Course Code Course Hours Semester Year
Psychopathology and Psychopharmacology HPS901 60
Neuropsychology and Psychometrics HPS902 60
Socio-psychology and health Psychology HPS903 60
Childhood and Adolescent Psychological Disorders HPS904 60
Adult Psychological Disorders and a practical rotation HPS905 80
Psychosexual Disorders HPS906 60
Psychotraumatic Disorders HPS907 60
Substance Related Disorders and a practical rotation HPS908 80
Psychopathological Aspects of Chronic and Terminal Illness HPS909 60
Forensic and Ethical Aspects of Psychological Practice . HPS910 60
Psychotherapy I Theory HPS911 60 2
Psychotherapy II Practical HPS912 60 2
Adult Clinical Practicum HPS913 100 2
Adolescent ClinicalPracticum HPS914 100 2
Child Clinical Practicum HPS915 100 2
Dissertation HPS916 440 2
Dissertation HPS916 400

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